Sustainability in Teacher Education Research

A newly published entry in the Encyclopedia of Teacher Education, part of a broader project lead by SuCo2’s Jordan King and Daniel Fischer with other colleagues, highlights the growing prevalence of research on environmental and sustainability education in teacher education (ESE-TE). Emerging from a comprehensive review of the literature in this area, an international team of researchers has synthesized trends related to the main themes, geographical contexts, settings, and methods observed in ESE-TE research, while also making connections to similar fields and disciplines.

Most significantly, the research team has identified, and provides examples of, five types of ESE-TE: designing learning environments, understanding learner attributes, measuring learner outcomes, promoting systems change, and advancing visions for the field. In addition to describing these types, the entry outlines pathways for the continued advancement of ESE-TE research and highlights the field’s potential to contribute to the broader education discourse.

King, J., Rieckmann, M., Fischer, D., Barth, M., Büssing, A.G., Hemmer, I., & Lindau-Bank, D. (2022). International trends in research on environmental and sustainability education in teacher education. In: M.A. Peters (Ed.), Encyclopedia of teacher education. Springer.

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