The SuCo2 group is supervising PhD projects working on the interface of sustainable consumption and sustainability communication. The following overview lists ongoing and completed projects. If you are interested in conducting your PhD project with SuCo2, please contact Prof. Daniel Fischer.


First supervision/Chair

  • Pascal Frank (Leuphana University): Developing affective-motivational competence within education for sustainable consumption through self-reflexive learning activities (submitted)
  • Karoline Poeggel (Leuphana University): From the Niche Cuisine to the Mainstream Kitchen? A Communication Perspective on Drivers and Barriers in Popularizing Local Alternative Food Systems (working title)
  • Claire Grauer (Leuphana University): An ethnographic approach to students’ perception of time, time affluence and sustainable consumption in secondary schools
  • Fabian Bendisch (Leuphana University): Instrumental and Emancipatory Education for Sustainable Development: Constructive Dichotomy or Destructive Dichotomization? (working title)
  • Jordan King (Arizona State University): Developing and Assessing Competencies in Higher Education for Sustainable Development (working title)


  • Tina Böhme (TU Berlin) (first supervisor: Ulf Schrader, third supervisor: Elke van der Meer):  Mindfulness training in schools: a way to more sustainable consumption behavior among young people? (submitted)
  • Aaron Redman (Arizona State University): Assessing the Development of Key Competencies in Sustainability (working title) (first supervisor/chair: Arnim Wiek).
  • Anna Sundermann (Leuphana University):  (working title) (first supervisor: Gerd Michelsen).
  • Kristof Dawaele (University of Ghent) (first supervisor: Patrich Van Damme): Sustainable behavior and consumption in relation to education for sustainable development (working title)
  • Tamina Hipp (TU Berlin) (first supervisor: Melanie Jaeger-Erben): Use durations of electronic devices – a systematization of social practices (working title)
  • Michelle König (Leuphana University) (first supervisor: Maik Adomßent): From Climate Change to Climate Justice: A qualitative analysis of framing activities, actors and networks within the climate justice movement (working title)



  • Laura Stanszus (TU Berlin) (first supervisor: Prof. Dr. Ulf Schrader, third supervisor: Prof. Dr. Nina Langen): Education for Sustainable Consumption through Mindfulness Training: Conceptualization and Results of an Intervention Study
  • Matthias Fischer (Leuphana University) (first supervisor: Prof. Dr. Harald Heinrichs, second supervisor: Prof. Dr. Pim Martens): From measuring the immeasurable to designing the discourse. Considering sustainability in German health politics dialectically
  • Mohamad Saifudin Bin Mohamad Saleh (Leuphana University) (first supervisor: Prof. Dr. Harald Heinrichs, second supervisor: Dr. Nik Norma Nik Hasan): Environmental communication among the media and environmental non-governmental organizations (ENGO’s) in Malaysia: a roller coaster ride?