Mindfulness & sustainable consumption toolkit

Open-access educational resource on the use of mindfulness practices in education for sustainable consumption published.

Toolkit 9 Mindfulness_Side_01

The toolkit derives from the three-year research project BiNKA (www.mindfulness-and-consumption.de) which investigated to what extent practices and philosophy of mindfulness may contribute to education for sustainable consumption. The toolkit offers a variety of ideas and suggestions for teachers, trainers, and other pedagogical professionals who, together with those they teach or train, want to experience and try out mindfulness exercises related to sustainable consumption.

More information and free supplementary material for download at http://ifan-berlin.de/mindfulness-and-consumption

Free audio material

Jacomo Fritzsche, meditation trainer and co-author of the toolkit, produced a number of audio tracks that you can use as spoken instructions for the meditations contained in the toolkit.

Bodyscan exercise (English) (read by Jacomo Fritzsche)
Compassion exercise (English) (read by Jacomo Fritzsche)
Ecological breathing space exercise (English) (read by Jacomo Fritzsche)
Jeans journey exercise (English) (read by Jacomo Fritzsche)
Meditation about meeting needs exercise (English) (read by Jacomo Fritzsche)
Self-compassion exercise (English) (read by Jacomo Fritzsche)
Tangerine exercise (English) (read by Jacomo Fritzsche)

The toolkit was published as part of the Active Learning Methodology toolkit series by the Centre for Collaborative Learning for Sustainable Development (CCL) at Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences. The toolkit is also available in German and Norwegian language.

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