Pluralism beyond relativism in ESD

What is the role of education in facilitating sustainable futures? This seemingly straightforward question belies a simple answer. Instead, reflecting upon the relationship between education and sustainability raises complex issues that challenge us to think critically about the how and why of educational practices.

Jamboard with participant contributions in the session at the CIES 2021 conference

Considering the complexities, tensions, and possibilities that emerge in orienting education towards sustainable futures was the goal of a session that was facilitated by Jordan King, Daniel Fischer, and Molly Cashion at the 2021 Comparative & International Education Society (CIES) conference. Through an interactive workshop, they engaged with the diversity of approaches to ESD in order to explore the implications that arise from the range of perspectives on the purposes and processes of education in the context of sustainability.

The full blog post summarizing key insights from the conversation can be viewed at the website of the Environmental and Sustainability Education special interest group of the Comparative and International Education Society (CIES-ESE-SIG).

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