Measuring self-awareness as a key competency for sustainable development

Competency frameworks for sustainable development aim to define skills, abilities, and proficiencies individuals need to become change agents for sustainable development. In addition to cognitive and methodical expertise, recent competency frameworks have emphasized the importance of (intra-)personal competencies for this purpose (UNESCO, 2017; Frank & Stanszus, 2019; Giangrande et al., 2019). However, some scholars also oppose the consideration of (intra-)personal competencies. They argue, for example, that such competencies cannot be directly observed, which is an essential criterion for competencies guiding the design and evaluation of educational programs and learning activities (Brundiers et al., 2020). What is more, (intra-)personal competencies are often not univocally defined, and even those designing learning activities for sustainable development often lack knowledge and understanding of what these competencies actually refer to (Staniškienė & Stankevičiūtė, 2019).

Addressing this controversy, SuCo2 is looking for a BA/MA candidate who looks at self-awareness as one alleged (intra-)personal key competency for sustainable development and inquire into the possibility of qualitatively measuring this competency (UNESCO, 2017; Frank & Stanszus, 2019; Giangrande et al., 2019). The candidate is asked to elaborate criteria for assessing self-reported data (interviews, research diaries) with regard to self-awareness. For this purpose, he/she will combine content analytical and discourse analytical methods. The candidate can make use of a rich pool of data for this work.

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The proposed study offers the interested BA/MA candidate a stock of references to inform the research. Furthermore, the candidate will have access to the infrastructure of the working group. Given the current need for research on the topic, the publication of the work is possible under condition of good performance. The thesis is preferably written in English.

If you are interested, please get in touch with Pascal Frank.

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