Principles of Consumer Studies

Wageningen University & Research

In many situations, we benefit from knowing how consumers make decisions and how we can motivate consumers. The purpose of this course is to introduce students to the theory and practice of consumer studies. In terms of theory, we will focus on economic, psychological, sociological, communication, and marketing theories to develop an understanding of consumers. We will study concepts such as information processing, attitude formation, framing, group norms, conflicts, motivations, emotions, income, wealth, social practices, and culture. In terms of practice, we will study four different approaches to consumer studies. All theories can be analyzed with at least 4 different approaches: marketing, communication, sociology, and economics. We will use basic theories and the 4 approaches to analyze business cases and consumer decisions in class. Also, in a group assignment you will analyze a self-chosen consumer situation with the 4 approaches to examine whether the theories allow you to develop an understanding of how and why consumers behave the way they do.

  • Course number: MCB-20806
  • Offered: Period 1 (August-October)
  • More information: WUR Course Catalogue
  • Course Coordinator: Ilona de Hooge
  • SuCo2 Involvement: Daniel Fischer (lecturer, group supervision)

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