Advanced Consumer Studies

Wageningen University & Research

Advanced consumer studies shows the way a consumer studies specialist may find conceptual solutions to a applied or scientific problem in consumer studies based on findings and conceptual contributions from scientific literature in this field.

After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to:

  • select and appraise the scientific literature on consumer studies in relation to societal problems;
  • critically interpret and analyse scientific articles in leading consumer studies literature;
  • form a conceptual solution to a consumer studies problem based on themes identified in the scientific literature;
  • participate in scientific discussions with respect to consumer studies;
  • write a research proposal (at the level of an MSc thesis) based on a literature review within the consumer studies domain.
  • Course number: YSS-33306
  • Offered: Period 6 (May-June)
  • More information: WUR Course Catalogue
  • Course Coordinator: Bea Steenbekkers
  • SuCo2 Involvement: Daniel Fischer (group supervision)

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