Egoistic food and altruistic clothing consumption?

Despite a wealth of research on the influence of values on sustainable consumption behaviors, there is a paucity of evidence on how values systematically interact with behaviors in different consumption areas. Two areas with a high sustainability impact are clothing and food. Both areas are characterized as rather low investment behavioral domains that are highly routinized and offer a choice between more and less sustainable goods and thus serve well for a first endeavor in systematic comparison. This thesis project aims to investigate the role that values, especially egoistic and altruistic value orientations, play in these two areas of food and clothing consumption. By means of a systematic literature review, it seeks to synthesize the available evidence on the topic to generate insights into the roles that different values play for sustainable behaviors in different consumption areas.

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  • Goal? The aim of this thesis is to synthesize the available evidence to clarify the role that different value sets, specifically egoistic and altruistic values, play for sustainable consumption behavior in the areas of food and clothing.
  • How? The student working on this thesis will design and conduct a systematic literature review on the topic.
  • What’s in it for you? You will be able to unpack widely shared assumptions about human motivations for sustainable consumption behavior across different areas. By being able to synthesize evidence from a diverse interdisciplinary research field, you will develop skills to provide evidence-based insights to highly relevant questions on drivers of consumption.
  • Who? You have an interest in sustainable consumption and have solid previous experience with reading, digesting and synthesizing academic literature.
  • What else? Depending on the quality of the final work, the thesis could feed into a scientific paper currently developed as a submission to an academic journal.

Practical information

  • Starting date: flexible
  • Language: English

If you are interested, please get in touch with Daniel Fischer.

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