Sustainable consumption

The information given here is supposed to help interested students to engage more deeply with sustainable consumption as a professional and academic field. The list does not claim to be exhaustive, but aims to provide entry points for future learning. Descriptions are borrowed from the respective websites.

Professional Associations

  • SCORAI – Sustainable Consumption Research and Action Initiative
    SCORAI is a network that aims to foster a transition beyond the current consumer society. Its members work: the interface of material consumption, human well-being, and technological and cultural change. The network provides a forum for scholars as well as practitioners to understand the drivers of the currently dominant consumerist economy, to develop options for post-consumerist lifestyles, and to provide knowledge for emergent grassroots innovations, social movement, and public policies.
  • Virtual Community on Sustainability and Consumption
    The Virtual Community on Sustainability and Consumption pursues the goal to initiate, develop, and organize research that will lead to a reduction of tension between sustainability and consumption. The community aims to benefit various groups such as consumers, businesses, and the general society.
  • ERSCP – The European Roundtable for Sustainable Consumption and Production
    ERSCP is a European conference which has taken place regularly since 1994. The conference deals with topics related to sustainable consumption and production. It offers the opportunity to exchange ideas, knowledge, and experiences. The result is a worldwide community of researchers and practitioners. The main objective of ERSCP is to enable a dialogue between various stakeholders involved in sustainable consumption and production: businesses, public institutions, universities, institutes and research centers, NGOs, SMEs, professional associations, decision-makers, etc.
  • GRF – The Global Research Forum on Sustainable Production and Consumption
    GRF is a global network that brings together individuals and organizations from research and practice. Common to all members is that they work on the transition towards a sustainable production/ consumption system. The network is based on 20 years of research and brings together numerous researchers, institutions, and networks from all over the world. It has also successfully implemented research results in policy, civil society, and business.
  • FE KAN SSCP – Future Earth Knowledge-Action-Network on Systems of Sustainable Consumption and Production
    The Future Earth Systems of Sustainable Consumption and Production (SSCP) Knowledge-Action Network emphasizes the need to address whole provisioning systems, including consumption practices and production conditions, as well as life-cycle impacts and the economic, political, social and cultural imperatives that impel consumerist lifestyles. To promote a more systemic approach to SCP and to enable a transformation in theory and practice, the Knowledge-Action Network aims to strengthen collaboration between communities of researchers and practitioners that are currently focused on either production or consumption, including actors, decision makers and other stakeholders.

Academic Journals

General Sustainability Journals

Teaching Sustainable Consumption

Web Resources

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