FoodLabHome | Climate Education to Reduce Household Food Waste

The goal of the FoodLabHome project (2018-2021) is to develop an educational approach that combines climate change education, food waste research and active learning methodologies. Students conduct research to analyze the occurrence, composition and causes of food waste in their own households, assess its climate relevance, and design and implement tailored interventions to reduce household food waste.

Blog posts from the FoodLabHome project

FoodLabHome Abschlusskonferenz

Virtuelle FoodLabHome-Abschlusskonferenz am 24. und 25. Februar 2021 (Teilnahme kostenlos!) Die Abschlusskonferenz des Projektes FoodLabHome wird in … More

FoodLabHome | About the Project

FoodLabHome is a citizen science project in which school students study their own households to measure food waste (FW) and implement interventions to reduce FW-related greenhouse gas emissions.