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Stand-along blog posts

Writing a research proposal

Are you grappling with fleshing out your research proposal? SuCo2’s new template is offering help Author: Daniel Fischer Writing a research proposal can be a daunting task for students. To help with that, I have created a new document that provides a rough structure with some guidelines on what to write in the different parts … More

Pluralism beyond relativism in ESD

What is the role of education in facilitating sustainable futures? This seemingly straightforward question belies a simple answer. Instead, reflecting upon the relationship between education and sustainability raises complex issues that challenge us to think critically about the how and why of educational practices. Considering the complexities, tensions, and possibilities that emerge in orienting education … More

Storytelling lernen: Kostenlose Online-Selbstlerneinheit erschienen

Als ein Transfer-Produkt aus dem SusTelling-Projekt (Storytelling für Nachhaltigkeit) ist nun eine Online-Selbstlerneinheit verfügbar, die unter kostenlos abgerufen werden kann. Die Online-Lerneinheit besteht aus 3 Modulen: 1. Was ist SusTelling?2. Wie wirkt SusTelling?3. Wie setzt man SusTelling um? Die Bearbeitungszeit für alle Module beträgt ca. 45 Minuten. Die Ziele der Online-Lerneinheit sind: ein Verständnis … More

Interventions Curriculum Aims to Support Instructors and Staff in Creating a More Sustainable Campus

As interest in, and the imperative for, teaching about sustainability in higher education grows, instructors across all disciplines are looking for resources and support. However, efforts to integrate sustainability into higher education go beyond traditional classroom learning to include campus operations and creating a university population able to think and act sustainably. At Arizona State … More

GAiA Master Student Paper Award: recognizing young scholars’ work

Inter- and transdisciplinary sustainability research is seen as very important in view of the wicked challenges such as climate change, loss of biodiversity as well as the pursuit of a socially just future development. Despite the growing importance and prevalence of relevant research in the higher education landscape, researchers still find it difficult to disseminate … More

Von Nachhaltigkeit überzeugen: Persuasive Kommunikation in Schulen

von Daniel Fischer UNESCO-Projektschulen setzen sich für die Werte der UNESCO und damit für Frieden, Weltoffenheit und nachhaltige Entwicklung ein und richten ihre schulische Arbeit an diesen Werten aus. In Deutschland gibt es rund 300 solcher Schulen, weltweit sind es über 11.500. Die Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU) fördert ein dreijähriges Modellprojekt, das im Jahr 2021 … More