Sonja Fuecker

sonja_fuecker1Sonja Fücker is a research fellow at the Institute for Environmental and Sustainability Communication (INFU) and member of the SuCo2 research group since March 2019. As a sociologist trained in cultural sociology she focuses on better understanding alternative ways of scientific knowledge acquisition. Her main interest is in investigating the role of narrative in communicating science and sustainability with regard to processes of meaning making. Combined with applying qualitative research methods she explores in her work formats of public participation in sustainable development.


  • PhD in Sociology, Free University Berlin, 2018
  • Diplom in Social Sciences, University of Duisburg-Essen, 2009

Selected Publications

  • Fücker, S., Auguscik, A., Kirchhofer, A., & Schimank, U. (in press): A Fictional Risk Narrative and its Potential for Social Resonance: The Reception of Barbara Kingsolver’s Flight Behavior in Reviews and Reading Groups. Potentials of Resonance of a Fictional Risk Narrative: The Reception of Barbara Kingsolver’s Flight Behavior in Reviews and Reading Groups. In S. Gaines, S. Farzin, et al. (Ed.). Science Under the Literary Microscope. Pennsylvania. Penn State University Press
  • Fücker, S., Schimank, U. (2017). Fiktionale Fakten: Wissenschaftskommunikation im Spiegel literarischer Rezeptionsprozesse (Co-Autor). In: Lettkemann, E., Wilke, R., & Knoblauch, H.: Knowledge in Action. Neue Formen der Kommunikation in der Wissensgesellschaft, Wiesbaden: Springer VS, p. 49-72, 2017
  • Fücker, S. (2016). Gesellschaftliche Risikodiskurse durch die Linse der Literatur. Zur (inter-)subjektiven Deutung wissenschaftlichen Wissens in Reading Groups, In S. Lessenich (Ed.) Routinen der Krise – Krise der Routinen. Verhandlungen des 37. Kongresses der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Soziologie in Trier 2014, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Soziologie.