Tamina Hipp

I am a PhD candidate in the research group “Obsolescence as a Challenge for Sustainability – Causes and Alternatives” (OHA) at the TU Berlin at the Department of Transdisciplinary Sustainability Research in Electronics and the Center for Technology and Society.  I am a sociologist and before coming to TU I worked at Sinus Markt- und Sozialforschung GmbH in the area of sustainability. My research focus and interests are sustainable consumption, environmental, nature and climate awareness, practices theories, narratives and social milieu research.

In my PhD, I am investigating the everyday use of electronic devices such as cell phones and washing machines and why they are used for short or long time. My focus is on the function of narratives of sense-making and how they contribute to sustaining lifespan-enhancing and shortening practices. The aim is to find out how sustainable practices in the handling of electronics can be promoted.

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