Completed Projects


Grünes Wissen” (“Green Knowledge“) is a science communication portal that provides guidance on different aspects and topics of “sustainable development”. It also experimented with different science communication formats and offers extensive search functions (in German). Read more here.


The “Blue Angel” is the oldest green label in Germany. The project aimed to increase the effectiveness of the Blue Angel environmental label among children and adolescents and motivate them to make sustainable consumer choices. The project is run by the Institute for Socio-Ecological Research and funded by Federal Environment Agency. Read more here.


The “BiNKA” project (German Acronym for “Education for Sustainable Consumption through Mindfulness”) explored the potential of mindfulness meditation to promote sustainable consumption behavior. The project was implemented in secondary schools, small and medium sized enterprises, and a university. It was carried out in collaboration with TU Berlin. Read more here.


The “SusTeach” project piloted the integration of sustainability education into the second phase of teacher education (“Referendariat”) at a teacher education seminar in Wiesbaden, Germany. Three cohorts of pre-service teachers engaged with sustainability and its relevance for teaching and school development. Read more here.