Claire Grauer

I am a research associate at Leuphana University Lüneburg. I am a social anthropologist by training and have worked for an international child rights NGO and as an independent consultant and trainer in development and environmental education before joining Leuphana in 2018. My strong interest is in qualitative research and in better understanding approaches to teaching and learning about sustainable consumption in formal and informal education settings.

Within the ReZeitKon-project I focus on better understanding secondary level students’ perspectives on consumption with regard to their individual use of time. The application of an intercultural perspective and my interest in applying artistic methods such as creative writing and improvisation theatre have been two important crosscutting issues in my previous work, connecting my professional and private interests.

Claire Grauer

More on my research:

Research Gate
Publons/Web of Science
Google Scholar

ReZeitKon | About the Project

The ReZeitKon project explores how individuals perceive and make use of time, in particular saved or “free” time, and how these usages of time relate to and can be changed towards more sustainable consumption. SuCo2 leads the education intervention subproject.

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